Work-related Problems

What are work-related problems?

Many us spend a large chunk of our lives at work, so our working environment is hugely important.

Things can go awry for all kinds of reasons. We may feel trapped, unfairly treated or stressed due to the culture or demands of an organisation or when our duties change and we are not sufficiently supported.

When these things happen the ripple effect on the whole of our lives can be considerable.

How I can help

It can be so relieving to spend time unpacking the sequence of events in a safe space. We may need to reflect on the particular impact work has had on us, body and mind.  

I have worked with a number of employee assist programmes over the years and am skilled in helping shed light on the complex dynamics and factors that may lead to a crisis or an unhappy situation.

I find that it is often helpful to devise strategies to support and encourage you as you work towards making changes.