Bereavement and Loss

What is bereavement?

Sometimes our experiences break our hearts. A deep loss can separate us from the person we were and from connecting with the world as we used to.

How we experience our loss will be as varied as we are. We may feel sad, empty or depressed. We may lost interest in life, as if it has lost its meaning and point. Our bodies can feel heavy, like we are being pressed down or not wanting to move.

We might feel like we are going through life on autopilot. Our loss may also have brought other life stresses in its wake, so just carrying on feels like we are on survival mode.

Sometimes a present bereavement can be interwoven with another past loss and it can be important to try to give so our grief can also take some time to fully understand.


How I can help

It can be helpful to weigh the losses we have suffered with another person who is skilled to help us with them. It is my privilege to accompany another person on such a journey.

In time, though not bringing the loved one back, finding the means to express pain can bring solace and healing. Unlocking the secrets of our hearts with a trusted other to witness and understand us can help us find a greater fullness of life.