20 Ways to Break Free from Trauma

Coming on 21 November from Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Trauma is a wound – one that we often hide from ourselves and others.

The subject has been a long-held interest of mine. I began writing this book on trauma during the pandemic lockdown when many people were questioning their lives and making changes. Many others felt overwhelmed. To me at that time, unpacking trauma seemed like an appropriate response to a challenge that faced our world.

How do we respond when life feels unbearable? How might we understand our own and others’ complex responses when life feels too much?

Based on real-life experience, this book takes us on a 20-point tour of trauma on both body and mind. Why 20? We may know about the ‘fight flight’ response to being overwhelmed or in danger. We may not know of the numerous and sometimes complex other ways that trauma shows up in our bodies and minds, from dissociation and anger to brain hijacking and trust issues.

Drawing on the latest brain- and body-based research, I use stories, poetry and reflective exercises, to provide the  guidance and tools to move through trauma towards growth and resilience.