Difficulties with Food

What are food-related issues?

We can develop a relationship with food as a response to distress of some kind. We may eat too much or too little, or get fixated on our body shape or weight.

If things are out of sync with our minds and bodies, we may experience fluctuations in our mood rather than feeling consistently and generally in balance and OK.

How do we treat our own body? We may have learned to neglect our body and not listened to its signals. We might treat it as a rubbish bin rather than treating our body with respect and care.

How I can help

We need to spend time understanding the cause and underlying meaning of what is going on in your life and how food fits in. We will need to think about your relationship to your body and how you think about your body and treat it.

Together, can can work towards to tracking and studying what happens on a daily basis and experiment with making and establishing changes in approach and routines.

Over time, we can work on helping you developing a nurturing and compassionate relationship with yourself.