What is anxiety?

Anxiety is what we feel when we feel the emotion fear. We might experience a sense of unease, impending doom or worry. We feel tense or panicky at a bodily level – an arousal in our sympathetic nervous system – sometimes leading to a fight or flight response.

Anxiety is of course appropriate In stressful circumstances. It can be helpful in alerting us to danger and naturally fades afterwards.

At other times, our anxiety does not fade or becomes a frequent visitor, sometimes out of proportion with our current situation. Anxiety can lead us to avoid doing things or act in rash ways that are maybe not in our best interests.

We may need some help if our anxiety so dominates that our quality of life is affected.

How I can help

It’s important to understand the root cause of anxiety.

I use techniques drawn from body (sensorimotor) psychotherapy and help you to think in a holistic way that combines aspects of body and mind. Some simple tools can make a big difference over time.

It can be hard to do this alone so having an empathic companion who shows consistent patient attention can make all the difference.