What is abuse?

Abuse or violation of another person can come in many forms. The definition of abuse is a behaviour used by one person to gain and maintain power and control over another person.

Abuse creates pain inside and alienation from others. Abuse can be dramatic and overt, or subtle and disguised.

If the second kind, it can be hard to recognise that we are in an environment that disregards, minimises or denigrates who we are: that we are living in an abusive situation.

When we are wounded by another person we feel a particular hurt inside. If this is the case, we are likely to be in need of another’s sensitive attunement to our deep inner experience.

How I can help

Attunement means tuning in rather like a musician does with their tuning fork. When we are attuned to at the right frequency, we feel validated and seen, emotionally. Sometimes this can feel painful, but it can also can be liberating.

I am experienced in thinking about and understanding how abuse can affect us inside. When we recognise and understand the truth of our experience it is possible to take steps towards living in a more protected way.