Issues of Identity

What are identity issues?

We all have so much in common, and there are so many life experiences that can connect and unite us;  but we are also diverse, with different genders, sexualities and relationships.

We also know how power can be used to devalue and denigrate others; and that the way that we treat one another can cause deep wounds.

Working out who we are can be a painful and lonely journey. Yet there are many paths that can help us towards a deeper contentment about ourselves in the world, and psychotherapy is one of those paths.

How I can help

My own background and who I am may be relevant here.

I am continuing to learn about my own privilege and how that might impact others or get in the way of my being able to relate to another person who has a very different background and life experience to me.

Part of my passion about working with identity issues springs from my experience of living overseas among other cultures. I have a deep belief that our differences can enrich us.