Who I am

I am Philippa, a counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor and author with over 30 years’ experience. I specialise in helping people who who are facing some kind of challenge.

I love my job and feel grateful that my work allows me to be alongside my clients in understanding areas of difficulty and helping them to make changes in their lives.

I have a range of qualifications, experience and training that creates a unique mix to draw upon. I am highly trained to listen and accept you as you are. I feel passionate about the potential of psychotherapy to transform. Do look at the rest of my website to get a sense of who I am and how I work. If you feel that I could help you, please get in touch.


What I do


I work with individuals and couples on a short or longer-term basis. An event or difficulty that may typically lead someone to seek therapeutic help could be a bereavement, a broken relationship, a problem at work or within the family, or an addiction.

It is not unusual for people to understand a lot about their emotional difficulties but still find themselves locked into repeating patterns and feeling powerless to change them. The aim of these focused sessions is to address such recurring patterns that cause distress, and attempt to understand them within the safety of a therapeutic relationship. Understanding can be deeply relieving.