What are relationship issues?


Relationships with other people can help soothe us when life hurts. It’s also true that people can wound each other. Sometimes, when our relationships with others go awry, we learn not to trust others, even though we might need them.

Psychologists think about the way that we relate to others as relating to our ‘attachment style’. Relationships can get complicated when our attachments (or our lasting connections with each other) become set in patterns that can often repeat and get stuck.

Being stuck like this can feel perplexing and sometimes impossible. How can we begin to change these repeated patterns?

How I can help

In offering a psychotherapeutic relationship with you, I offer you a relationship with myself. In a safe therapeutic space, we have room to begin to understand together how relationships with others have been for you in your life, and how you might like them to be different.

A psychotherapy space can be a wonderful balm for the wounds of life.The process can illuminate what we feel and what we most need. It can give us the confidence to make changes in our relationships.